Deragh Campbell is an actor and writer appearing in largely art house films such as I Used to be Darker, Stinking Heaven and Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog.

Deragh lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Dani de Lio at Creative Drive Artists:


Fail to Appear, 2017

Fail to Appear is formal and delicately crafted study of the roles on either side of the caseworker/client relationship. The film uses a combination of actors and non-professional actors with real-life...

Mobile Homes, 2017

A young mother (Imogen Poots) seeks a better life for her an her son, hoping to find it by investing in a mobile home and literally laying routes in a trailer park community...

Self-criticism of a Bourgeois Dog, 2017

Shot on location throughout Germany and Italy and with four spoken languages, the film is a communist comedy with magical twists. Julian (played by director Julian Radlmaier)...

Let Your Heart Be Light, 2017

Part of an omnibus of Christmas related films hosted on Kinet Media. A Young Woman goes through the ritual of decorating a Christmas tree with the backdrop of a recent breakup.

The Other Half, 2016

With a deeply personal script labored on over years by Joey Klein, the film is brought to life by dedicated performances by Tatiana Maslany and Tom Cullen and emotive camera work from Bobby Shore...

Never Eat Alone, 2016

Acting as somewhat of a surrogate, Deragh plays the granddaughter to the director’s real-life grandmother, Joan, in a semi-fictional investigation into her grandmother’s past loves...

The Intestine, 2016

A tonal thriller, the film follows Maya (Melanie Scheiner) who, fed up with poverty, meets a wealthy man and attempts to gain possession of his house. Patricia is a rich young woman...

How Heavy this Hammer, 2015

The second feature from the director of the acclaimed film Tower. Shot largely in close-up in a series of tragic-comic vignettes, the film is a character study of Erwin (Erwin Von Cotthem)...

O, Brazen Age, 2015

A poetic rendering of a group of old friends struggling to redefine themselves against each other.

Jonny Come Lately, 2015

Shot on 16mm and costarring Kentucker Audley, the film is an atmospheric rendering of a young woman trapped in a bad relationship.

Stinking Heaven, 2015

The film charts the dissolution of a commune of recovering drug addicts in suburban New Jersey in the 1990s. Improvised and shot on a betacam, the movie reads...

Person to Person, 2014

After hosting a party, a man (Bene Coopersmith) finds a female stranger passed out on his floor, and spends the day trying to convince her to leave. A comic-tragic film on 16mm.

I Used To Be Darker, 2013

An artfully paced family drama in which Taryn, a Northern Irish runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore while their marriage is dissolving...

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